Life. Repurposed.

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About That Name


You may be wondering about the name "The Flunky Chicken"...


Have you heard the fable of the eagle who thought she was a chicken?

A lot of people have, I guess. 

And it seems that a lot of those people have added their own flare to this fable.

Which means there are a lot of versions out there. 

(Including one really sad one where the eagle died, never knowing what it missed out on. Didn't care much for that version personally.) 

Hence I won't take your time to tell yet another version of said fable here.  

Suffice it to say that I can relate to any story about a creature who spends great deal of its life believing that it's only meant for one thing, only to find out that there's more to its life than it had originally come to believe. 

Now there's a story I can relate to, huh? 

Several years ago, after a close friend told me how much that story reminded her of me, I began to see myself as a low-level—a flunky, if you will—,um...eagle who used to believe that she was something far less than she turned out to be.  

But once she learned who she really was, she really began to soar. 

The End


[Just kidding...


The Beginning....]