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About Me

I found a reason to love broken things.

More than a few years ago, I was broken down, used up and worn out. My body, mind and spirit were broken, and I had lost all sense of value and purpose.

A lot of people thought I was finished.

Even I was convinced that I was pretty done.   

But God wasn’t finished just yet.

Even though I had heard about God my whole life, I didn’t truly know Him.

Not really.

Because if I had, I would have known that He actually specializes in restoring purpose and life for those image bearers who have lost theirs, those who seem to have no value.

Over the last several years, I’ve been getting to know this God. The One who restores and repurposes. Not the judgy angry one I had learned about, the one I wasted so much of my life trying to avoid or appease.

All that did was leave me broken down and used up.

I have learned that the real God calls me “valuable” and He sees my worth—even when I still see so much “finished” and “broken.”

Because He sees my value and He is restoring me every day, I want to imitate Him. I want to reproduce that in my life.

Which means that I have started seeing the value around me in so many things that seem “broken” and “finished.” Even other people.

Finding new purpose and value for broken things is something I love to do and what I can do and now what I get to do.

So I do.

Can you relate?


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