Upcycled Value From Unusual Sources

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About Me

I love to bring new purposeand value to broken things.


I found a reason to love broken things.

A few years ago, I was broken down, used up and worn out.

And a lot of people thought I was finished.

I felt pretty done!  

But God put some people in my life who saw past my brokenness, and they didn't quit loving me, even when I lost my usefulness.  

Because of their love, I learned that "broken" doesn't mean "finished."  

Because of their willingness to stick with me, even when I was broken, I started appreciating other things that seemed used up, broken down and worn out. 

I learned to bring new value and purpose to things which probably should be thrown out.

Bringing new purpose and value to broken things is now what I love to do and what I can do and now what I get to do.

So I do.

Can you relate?


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